Welcoming Veterans Back to Life


Our Values 

Hope – Compassion – Comradery

Our Mission 

To provide veterans with healing and rejuvenating vacations that ease the

transition to civilian life.


Providing Vacations That Ease the Transition to Civilian Life

Our American military veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and liberties. Sadly, the trauma of overseas experiences and the stress of returning to normal civilian life often creates mental health issues that last beyond their service careers.

That’s where Veteran Vacations answers the call. We use tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses across America to provide vacations for veterans who would benefit from some post-service R&R. We remove the financial burden as well as the stress that comes with planning a vacation, so the veteran can truly enjoy the experience.


Bridging the gap in the return to “normal”

Veteran Vacations strives to connect with veterans who are struggling to readjust to civilian life prior to them reaching a crisis situation. Our goal is to provide respite so they can reset their focus and transition to some sense of normalcy.

These vacations may be as simple as a weekend at a local hotel or as incredible as a week’s stay at an all-inclusive resort. We actively seek out donations from national hotel chains, privately owned hotels, even VRBOs and Airbnb locations. We work with travel agencies to provide a complete package so all the veteran has to do is take a deep breath and relax.


support our mission

We appreciate all donations – large and small, cash and in-kind – that support the mission of Veteran Vacations. Please click below to donate financial resources, and contact us to offer in-kind support.

Brighten a Veteran’s day